It’s time to be better and kinder to ourselves. My experiences are made for everyone no matter if you are a first-timer or a seasoned practitioner. By working in tandem with our senses on a 1:1 basis or within an intimate group setting, each modality on offer presents a unique opportunity for self-enquiry, self-compassion and self-worth. Together we will highlight our innate superpowers and super sensitivities.







There is always time for healing & feeling. Choose your experience today. 

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My Instrumental Modalities

Focusing on transformation and transmutation is at the heart of what I do. Powerful inner-work can be beautifully achieved through any of these modalities, from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed.

Together we will calm your nervous system and relax your body on a cellular level,
inviting mindfulness, presence and self-love. 

Sound Baths:

Enjoy a calming, centering and grounding Sound Immersion Meditation with premium planetary gongs, quartz crystal singing bowls and other acoustic instruments guided by yours truly. This highly-sonic meditation is equally restorative as it is active, helping you connect with your inner guidance system while balancing your physical body’s systems. P.S. This is a signature Sound of Medicine experience! 

Sound Bath Benefits: 

Activate the body's natural healing abilities and promote deep relaxation and a sense of peace. 

Let go of any stress, tension, or negative emotions weighing them down. 

Cultivate self-love and compassion. 

Recognize your inherent worth and beauty. 

Improve your immunity, circulation, nervous system health

Reduction stress, anxiety and physical inflammation.  


Customize your experience with me

Let us co-create a spiritual journey tailored precisely to meet your needs. Awaken your inner self by selecting from an array of transformative experiences that resonate with your heart and soul. Simply fill out the contact form, expressing the experiences that you are intersted in, and l will reach out to craft a sacred journey catered explicitly to you or your group.

Energetic Cord

Popularly used practice for releasing, rebalancing and clearing any old and toxic ‘karmic contracts’ or stories created between yourself and someone else. Regain your energy and clarify a new communication channel in order to be in full alignment with your authentic self. 

Cacao & Ritual Ceremonies

Drink a ceremonial, heart-opening ‘vitality blend’ consisting of cacao, maca, reishi, chaga and cayenne. Cacao Ceremonies are designed for energetic healing and gaining clarity in the areas of love, purpose, intuitive abilities, career and personal growth. Experience an array of instruments throughout the ceremony such as gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, shamanic drums and more. 

Psychic Tea Akashic Record Ceremonies

Join a group circle or have an intimate 1:1 experience drinking an organic tea blend of ancient herbs known to awaken the third eye and intuitive center. Paired with a personalized Akashic reading meditation, this ceremony includes sound healing, space smudging and shamanic drumming. 

The tea blend is made up of superfood ingredients such as mugwort, peppermint, jasmine, cinnamon, anise seed, celery seed and orange peel. 



Reiki is an excellent way to achieve subtle energy flow. The practice of Reiki healing and spiritual awakening is a modality to realign and harmonize our physical and emotional bodies. Recognized as universal lifeforce energy. By directly channeling my internal wisdom and light throughout your body with the use of a traditional Reiki grid, I will guide you through a meditative body scan to release physical and emotional blockages. Strip away any karmic debris so that you can walk away feeling relaxed, restored and blissful. 

Personalized Rituals

Whatever comes to your mind or heart, let’s make it happen with a bespoke ‘love and light’ experience of your choice consisting of sound healing with sacred smudging of various (copal, palo santo, sage) for space clearing. Whether it’s a family gathering, anniversary or baby ceremony, everything is welcome. 


Now open to worldwide retreat collaboration, I am called to work on inner-healing projects around the world that highlight inner-child discovery, soul retrieval, spirit medicine, karmic healing and shadow work. Any particular retreat that is focused on connecting to source, vital energy, inner light and soul alignment definitely calls me. Interested in collaborating?
Get in touch to learn more. 


“I am here to help people find inner alignment and daily balance through self-discovery." 

- Tolo Aria 



Achieve a strong sense of emotional independence and self-trust.

Acquire new knowledge on how to manifest your truth independently. 

Balance your body through a mix of mental, physical, soulful exercises and rituals. 

Have a deeper understanding of mind-body nutrition. 

Practice the power of breathwork on a daily basis. 

Develop a stronger communication channel with yourself.
Raise your vibration through a variety of sonic medicines. 

 I’m feeling called 

Lisa May, Self Love Coach

“ Before attending Tolo’s sound bath, I was carrying a lot of emotion in my body, stressed with work, what ifs and just so many thoughts ruminating in my head. My mind was cluttered, my body felt tense, and my spirit longed for a reprieve. Immediately when Tolo started playing the gong for the sound bath experience, I felt enveloped. My surroundings and thoughts began to disappear and I felt suspended in this space of love and wholeness. It was as if I was experiencing a deep sense of calm and felt the vibrations massaging my soul. The shift was subtle but powerful at the same time - which is a testament to the experience with Tolo- she takes you deep but with grace and lightness. It was a transformational immersive sonic journey that I didn’t know my soul craved. Tranquility, pure cosmic bliss and surrender allowed me to tune into my natural rhythms and come back home to my wholeness. Thank you Tolo, for connecting me to the Universe, my true self and for holding sacred space for this soul journey through deep sound and resonance!” 

The shift was subtle but powerful at the same time

-Jenny Raffield, Choose Happy Wellness

“Tolo is an extremely passionate sound bath practitioner. From her opening drum beats, I immediately felt grounded and started to relax. Her guided meditation was very calming and centering. She skillfully blends the vibrations from gongs and crystal bowls to create a therapeutic soundscape to induce deep relaxation. I would highly recommend Tolo's sound bath to anyone looking to reduce their stress and in need of deep relaxation, realignment and rejuvenation.”

I immediately felt grounded and started to relax

-Lauren Morales, O.D.

I had the pleasure of attending a few of Tolo’s sound baths and they were nothing short of magical. As I settled comfortably on my mat, I could feel the vibrations of the various instruments resonating through my body, creating a harmonious symphony of healing sounds. Tolo skillfully played crystal singing bowls, gongs, and other instruments, guiding us through a mesmerizing journey of relaxation and self-discovery. Within moments, I felt my stress and worries fade away. The soothing sounds seemed to slow space and time allowing me to connect with myself on a deeply spiritual level. It was as though each sound was carefully tuned to unlock the hidden stresses inside, leaving me feeling completely rejuvenated and at peace.

After the sound bath, I felt an incredible sense of clarity and renewed energy. It was like hitting the reset button on my life, and I left the session with a smile on my face and a heart full of gratitude.

I felt an incredible sense of clarity and renewed energy. 

-MH, M.D.

Tolo provides an amazing experience that not only relieves stress but also helps connect you spiritually. I typically get 3-4 massages a week to help manage stress and relieve general occupational and recreational aches and pains and have added sound baths to my regimen after my experience with Tolo. I have had the pleasure of experiencing multiple sound baths with Tolo and am truly amazed each time. I leave feeling relaxed, at peace, fulfilled, and re-energized. I was so effected by the experience that Ive had a few relatives also book sound bath experiences of their own. I cant emphasize how tranquil the experiences were. Tolo also does a terrific job of educating the participants regarding what to expect prior to the experience. I routinely recommend Tolo’s sound bath to colleagues, friends, and family. 

Tolo provides an amazing experience that helps connect you spiritually.

Hearing the call to heal is the first step. 

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