It’s time to be better and kinder to ourselves. My experiences are made for everyone no matter if you are a first-timer or a seasoned practitioner. By working in tandem with our senses on a 1:1 basis or within an intimate group setting, each modality on offer presents a unique opportunity for self-enquiry, self-compassion and self-worth. Together we will highlight our innate superpowers and super sensitivities.







Remembering Our Divine Assignment by Reconnecting to Ancient Wisdom 

October 13th - 26th 

I Allow My Higher Purpose to Pull Me Through

We welcome a group of dedicated individuals to join us on a powerful journey in Egypt. 
To ensure a harmonious and supportive experience, we're accepting applications followed by personal 1:1 calls for us to explore how this retreat can support your spiritual evolution.

“May our journey be guided by empowering our souls as we take each step forward in our divine assignment, anchoring this into our bodies, and awakening our immortal souls.” 

our retreat

Together we tap into ancient connections to learn more about our divine assignment on this planet and confirm why we chose our paths. By returning to our inner wisdom, speaking our sacred truth, and embodying our light expansion, we can journey to reveal the leaders that we are. 
Meeting in the ancient land of Khemet where the Nile River mirrors the celestial Milky Way, we start to align with divine mother mysteries and return to divine light. Through self integration and guided meditations, we can anchor our divinity as Master Creators.

apply to join us


our invitation

With daily initiations in each of the Sacred Sites, we fully surrender into the cosmic alignment returning to our highest self of divine beings. The magnetism and pulsating energy of Egypt can be felt immediately, inspiring us to affirm our deepest truths.

We will gather in Magical Integration Sessions to experience personal discoveries: 


- Daily visits to ancient sites 
- Sacred Sound Ceremonies 
- Private access to secret ruins
- Heart Opening Rituals
- Cacao Circles 
- Tea Rituals 
- Vibrational Sound Medicine Experiences 
- Grounding Meditations 
- Stillness Practice 
- Guided Deep Rest 
- Somatic Movement Sessions 
- Ecstatic Dance 


“One of the quickest ways to raise our frequency is to do what we love in life. If we do what we truly love, we unleash creative dynamism. The more creative we are, the more energy we have to become the living embodiment of our life’s work. We transcend into connection with source and learn our divine assignments and why we chose this path on earth in the first place. You have everything you need right inside of you. The medicine we give to ourselves is the medicine we give to others.” 

- Tolo Aria, Retreat Founder

Integrate Sacred Teachings
Ignite Purpose
Honor Wisdom
Remember Truth


Loving Guidance

We are here to guide you on a highly personalized, deep journey of discovery. By activating the Ancient Egyptian wisdom that has come through via many channels of universal understanding, this retreat invites us to remember our Sacred Vow. 

I feel the call


where will we stay

9 Nights DAHABIYA Private Luxury Egyptian Boat:

A Dahabiya is a traditional Egyptian sail boat that offers a luxurious, traditional and intimate way of exploring the Nile River. Rich in history, they were originally used by the elite during the 19th century as smaller cruise ships that accommodate fewer passengers. 

- 8 single or shared rooms available
- 3 daily meals prepared by private chef 

2 weeks in Ancient Egypt
An All-Inclusive, 5-Star Experience  

5 Star Hotel Experience 

- Private rooms with Pyramid and / or Nile River views 
- 3 daily meals at quality restaurants 
- Experience to Old Cairo, Bazaars and more 

4 Nights in Cairo:

What’s Included

Domestic flights 

Daily ground transportation 

Entry into all historical sites

PRIVATE ACCESS  Temples and Ruins
(that are not open to the public) 

Temple of Isis, Karnak Temple (Chamber of Sekhmet), 
 Great Pyramid of Giza, and The Great Sphinx

A trusted, spiritual Egyptologist Historian as our local guide

All spiritual programming and embodiment practices 

total investment

$7,700 USD all inclusive per person double occupancy shared room 
$11,550 USD all inclusive single occupancy room

optional add on's

5-Day Integration trip in Siwa, An Oasis in the desert of west Egypt.


“My Teachings Bring Clarity and Understanding to All Who Seek Enlightenment” 

Khemet God of Wisdom, Thoth (Djehuty)

May I Be Positive Force in the Spiritual Evolution of Others

our Itinerary


Sunday 13th of October 2024


Monday 14th of October 2024


Tuesday 15th of October 2024


Wednesday 16th of October 2024


Thursday 17th of October 2024

DAY 6:  Rest & Relax nile river

Friday 18th of October 2024

 Day 07: Temple of Horus in EDFU

Saturday 19th of October 2024

Day 08: Temple of KOM OMBU 

Sunday 20th of October 2024

Day 9: PRIVATE OPENING OF PHILAE TEMPLE & Visit to  Elephantine Island

 Monday 21st of October 2024

Day 10: Abu Simbel 

Tuesday 22nd of October 2024


Wednesday 23rd of October 2024

Day 12: PRIVATE OPENING OF SPHINX & visit to Necropolis of Saqqara

Thursday 24th of October 2024

Day 13: GRAND Egyptian Museum 

Friday 25th of October 2024

Day 14: Final Departure 

Saturday 26th of October 2024

feeling the call?

My soul's mission is to help you reclaim your divinity, power and light. I have chosen to recognize the shadow frequency and confront my own insecurities around inner safety to unlock codes within my DNA. I have discovered so much more about myself and have made it my life purpose to offer my wisdom as a service to others. Let’s connect to our higher selves as master leaders, master healers, and master creators. 


My name is Tolo


South of France, Mary Magdalene's cave
Sacred Sites of Turkia 
Sacred Land of Mother Bali
Mt. Shasta connection with Telos
Ancient Egypt DNA Activation 
Northern Thailand Student of the Dharma and Meditation 


Embodying the universal wisdom that has come through on many channels of understanding. At a very young age I recognized there is a current that sits above all teachings and embodied this cosmic alignment but too shy to discuss. I was always my own person. Ancient Egypt has helped me to remember my power, wisdom, and magic. 

Prior Pilgrimages:

frequently asked questions

learn more about THE EXPERIENCE

What are the dates?

October 13 -26, During the Hunter Full Moon 

How much is the total investment? 

 $7700 USD all inclusive for Two Person Shared Room Occupancy (per person)
$11550 USD all inclusive for Single Room occupancy

What does the cost include? 

  • All 5 Star Luxury Boat and Hotel Experience 
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Domestic travel and flights.
  • Entry to all temples and sites we will visit: Temple of Osiris, Temple of Dendara, Karnak Temple, Temple of Mut, Valley of The Kings, Hatshepsut, Efdu Temple of Horus, Kom Ombo, Philae Temple of Isis, Abu Simbal, Pyramids of Giza, The Great Sphinx, The Pyramids of Saqqara, Serapeum of Saqqara, Grand Egyptian  Museum.
  • Visits to sacred sites and ruins not listed above and that are not available to public.
  • Private access to The Temple of Isis, The Great Pyramid of Giza, Chapel of Sekhmet, The Great Sphinx, allowing us time and space to be in ceremony, prayer and meditation.
  • Sound Healing Activations, Guided Meditations, Ceremonies, and Rituals throughout the retreat. 
  • Plus more. 

Does the retreat cost include the international flight cost to and from Egypt? 

No.  You are responsible for you flight tickets to and from Egypt home. 

What is the deposit?

For Single Room we require a non-refundable 35% deposit of $4042 USD to book your space.

For Double Shared Room we require a non-refundable 35% deposit of $5390 USD for to book your space. 

Where should I book my flight? 

Our Journey begins in the city of Luxor and concludes in Cairo.. Please book your arrival flight to Luxor and departure home from Cairo. 

Do I need a Visa to enter Egypt?

A Visa is required and available for $25 USD in cash or Visa/ MasterCard and it is purchased at Luxor airport upon arrival. 


Tolo really exudes a natural calming presence, I find her knowledge and expertise to be profoundly activating, and I trust her implicitly with the information she shares. We first met on Mt. Shasta at a Goddess Activation retreat, where collectively we established a direct connection with Telos. Later, we spent time together in Bali, deepening our connection to nature and water. Tolo embodies trustworthiness and knowledge especially in the realms of spirituality, occult knowledge, and higher self-learning. Her ability to receive and share information from Source is unparalleled - truly pinnacle.

"I find her knowledge and expertise to be profoundly activating, and I trust her implicitly with the information she shares."

 i Embody my divine Truth as a master creator.


I Remember My Sacred Vow  
I Honor My Ancient Wisdom

I Allow My Higher Purpose to Pull Me Through