It’s time to be better and kinder to ourselves. My experiences are made for everyone no matter if you are a first-timer or a seasoned practitioner. By working in tandem with our senses on a 1:1 basis or within an intimate group setting, each modality on offer presents a unique opportunity for self-enquiry, self-compassion and self-worth. Together we will highlight our innate superpowers and super sensitivities.







About Your Guide

I am personally on a quest for more meaning in my life. Aren’t we all? From traditional healthcare to transformational healing, I have discovered my favorite ways to find peace and everyday wellbeing for a fulfilled life. My deep-rooted passion for healing arts began from an intuitive calling to study Reiki and Yoga Nidra. After training in both, I was instantly drawn to gong sound baths for their incredible capacity to nurture what’s happening inside the body. Thus the art of healing is so paramount to me as it has opened up a channel to cleanse ancestral patterns for a healthier present. Each of my offerings are here for their own special reason and hold so much importance in my life and in the lives of many.  

Welcome beautiful human,
I’m Tolo! Your therapeutic sound practitioner, body work curator of alchemy experiences.

My Experience as an Energy Medicine Alchemist

Reiki Master and Teacher
Pellowah Radical Shift of Consciousness Healing
Chakra Balancing 
Sacred Rituals and Embodiment practices
Sound Ceremony, Gong and Alchemy Crystal Bowl Educator 
Tuning Forks Vibrational Medicine Curator 
Certified Yoga Nidra (Guided Deep Rest) Facilitator
Certified Yin and Restorative Yoga Practitioner
Student of Chinese/Eastern Medicine
Past professions: 
Corporate Event Planner
Empowering Surgeons with Advanced Surgical Techniques to Improve Patient Outcomes


In Ancient times music was the foundation of all the sciences. Education was begun with music.

-Cicero 106-43 BC

Here Are A Few Of My Favorite Things...

As a retreat leader and guide, I'm passionate about sharing transformative travel experiences that foster spiritual growth and spiritual evolution. My greatest joy and privilege is empowering individuals to uncover their divine purpose and fulfill their highest potential.

Holistic health: I am a huge believer of living an alkaline diet. Chlorophyll and Chlorrea possess remarkable healing properties that are astonishingly effective in reversing the aging process and preserving our bodily health at a cellular level. 

My profound reverence and dedication to meditation practices have been the pinnacle in my spiritual evolution. My journey began with reprogramming my mind through Yoga Nidra and Sound Healing, which paved the way allowing me to embody my highest self. 

The Sound of Medicine by Tolo Aria 


From healthcare to alchemy medicine, my journey has certainly been a winding one to say the least. With 13 years working in various surgical specialties with high level surgeons across renowned institutions, I was known for bringing ‘good energy’ into the operating room. Good energy? That really meant something. I realized that there is so much more out there in terms of health and healing which compelled me to go deep within and start my self-inquiry process. My inner call soon sounded and I listened, turning up the volume by tuning into myself to hear the wise answers within. The medicine we feed to ourself is the medicine we feed to others. I studied Chinese medicine with an emphasis on balancing Qi (vital energy), and the awakening our lifeforce energy after learning about the meridians in physical body was the very beginning. I soon helped my former MD’s with integrating vibrational medicine and sound into their practice. Then another call came through and listened. It was for:  alchemy medicine. And oh did it resonate! 

 “Connect with divine sources to create your desired reality.”